Golf Academy

Our Golf Academy is run by PGABC Instructor Bert Jaeger. For general inquiries, you may contact our golf shop by phone at 250-703-5029.

Fairway Kids Junior Golf Development

Junior Development Program 2017

AGES 5 – 13   |   8 Week Instructional Program
STARTS Monday April 17th, 4:00 & 5:00 PM   |   $125 + tax

Introducing Crown Isle Resort and Golf Community’s revised junior golf developmental program.  Featuring 4 levels that offer your child an opportunity to grow their golf game. starting as young as 5 years old, your child can experience the fun and challenge that the game of golf can offer. No other sport teaches sportsmanship, friendship, and integrity quite like golf.

By the age of 10 most children will have already selected the one or two sports that they will do for the rest of their lives.  As such it is important to introduce golf to children at a young age as it will give them many life skills that they will use in their future endeavors.

LEVEL 1   Welcome to Fairway Kids
Learn the basic skills of golf in a fun and active way. Activities such as relay races, soccer, skipping rope and more help build coordination and balance. And yes, some golf too!
LEVEL 2   FUNdamentals
Further develop basic skills in your child’s golf game as well as introduce basic etiquette. Benchmarks and goals will need to be reached in order to move on to level 3.
LEVEL 3   Get Golf Ready
Helps your child prepare for playing on a proper golf course. Basic rules of golf are introduced as well as an advanced appreciation for etiquette. The golf swing becomes more practical and efficient.
LEVEL 4   Fairway Masters
Further develops your child’s playing ability and prepares them for unsupervised play on a full length golf course.

To enroll, fill out the registration form and email to


Academy Orientations – Complimentary Golf Lesson

Every Crown Isle Member will receive a complimentary half hour golf lesson as part of their Membership. This is a great opportunity to receive some helpful tips, check your equipment, or just to become orientated with the Golf Academy. If you would like to book your Academy Orientation please contact the Golf Academy @ 250-703-5073.

Our Instructors

Evan Webber

  • CPGA Professional
  • CPGA TCCP Levels I-IV
  • CPGA Professional Golf Management Diploma

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Bert Jaeger

  • CPGA Professional
  • CPGA TCCP Levels I-IV
  • CPGA Professional Golf Management Diploma
  • Titleist Performance Institute Level 1
  • Originally from Kronberg, Germany

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